How It Works

Choose Route

To start the game, navigate to the 'Route List' page in the navigation bar above, or tap 'Select a route' from the home page. Currently, only the Birmingham route is listed. Select 'More Info...' to view more details including length, estimated time to complete, and number of locations visited. Select 'Start Route' to begin playing.

Choose Length

On the next page, the game will prompt you to choose either the short route or long route. 


Once you have made your selection, the game will start. The page will ask for you to allow access to your location data. Please ensure you select 'Allow', or the game cannot start. You will be directed to the first location via a walking route. Make your way there, and you will be prompted with the first question. Answer correctly, and you will be directed to the next location. Once you have answered all questions at each location, you will have completed the route!